How does the Centered Riding® membership work?

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In this blog, I will explain why I teach Centered Riding® and why it is important for all Centered Riding ® instructors to maintain their membership in the organisation.


My personal goal has been to carry on the teaching of Sally Swift and its apllication in all forms and levels of horsemanship, teaching and training. In my experience Centered Riding is a great tool. For riders to improve their own riding ability and, at the same time, make their horses lives better. That is why I started studying and teaching Centered Riding 20 years ago and undertook the promotion of Centered Riding in the Netherlands.

As a member, it is important to use the name Centered riding in your bussiness and to be in the Centered Riding database as such, so that riders can find you as a teacher. It is also important that you attend updates to keep your Centered Riding instructors certificate valid and so that you learn and grow into the process of Centered Riding.

As a member of the Centered Riding organization it is important to know and follow the Policies and Procedures and the Code of conduct. These are the rules for ALL members. To stay within the organisation as a Certified Centered Riding instructor it is important to follow the rules and the schedule regarding updates. This means that you have to update once every 2 years in the first 6 years of your membership. After you have been a member for 6 years the interval will change.

Updating is only available to members who pay their yearly dues. If you do not paying dues you are not allowed to advertise yourself as a Centered Riding instructor to say that you teach Centered Riding techniques or concepts or to use the CR logo.  If you have nog paid your dues and would like to be reinstated as a Centered Riding instructor you will need to pay a reinstatement fee and annual dues for the current year and participate in an update clinic. If you are not current with your dues the update will not count as an official update.

For Centered riding to grow as a world wide organization, it is important that members uphold the high standards of its certified instructors and that members follow the Policies and Procedures and know their required update intervals.centered-riding-logo

The fiscal year of the Centered Riding organisation runs from November 1st to October 31 of the following year. In August of each year, Centered Riding mails a nitice for the payment of dues for the next fiscal year. Watch for that email so that your membership will stay current.

Margreet Bouwmeester
Centered Riding ® Level 4 clinician
Alexander Technique teacher i.t.
Equine acupuncturist
Equine Cranio Sacral therapeut.

Click here for the Dutch version.

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